Monday, December 19, 2011

Hawaii Five - 0

This is the other Tv Show I'm addicted to at the moment. I'm not as addicted to it as I am to Rookie Blue but I love this one too.  I have a blog dedicated to Hawaii Five-0. If you are addicted too, please feel free to visit my blog, take the polls, share your opinion.

We are in the middle of Season 2 now. Season 1 was great. The characters are really great. My favorite is Alex O'Laughin who's playing Steve McGarrett.

He's a really likable guy, great character and Alex is adding value to it. He has 28 votes out of 35 so far (according to my poll here).

Second place on my list goes to Grace park who is playing Kono Kalakaua.

She's adorable, the chemistry between the actors is really great, especially between Steve and Kono :) Shee has 23 votes out of 35 so far and she's second.

Third place goes to Daniel Dae Kim who is Chin Ho Kelly in Hawaii Five - 0.

He is playing Kono's cousin. He's a nice and honest guy. Fans put him on fourth place, according to my poll.

Last on my list is Scott Caan, Detective Danny Williams from Hawaii Five - 0. 

He has great chemistry with Steve McGarrett, they are funny together but he's not my favorite. Sorry Danno.

Season 2 bought us Lauren German alias Lori. She's the most controversial character of Hawaii Five - 0. I don't like her either. 

I have a separate poll, dedicated to her. I've asked my readers if they  like Lori. 181 people took the poll so far and 160 said NO, which means 88%. We all hope she will disappear soon.

Please feel free to visit my Hawaii Five - 0 blog and take the polls.


Frugal in WV said...

I like this show also, but my husband won't watch it with me :) Good thing we have two tvs! Thanks for the blog comment, following you now!

martinelli said...

@Frugal in WV - if you like it, you are welcome to join my other blog here
which is exclusively about Hawaii Five-0. I will start reviewing episodes soon so we can even have a debate about that.

Thanks for following me.

trthmster said...

What? Kono a chic? The original kono was a big burly authentic hawaiian. Chin Ho was a portly, older beat detective. He wasnt a male model with a shaved chest. What do after a big bust? They probably hang around listening to Cheyrl Crow, shave thier legs and drink Caramel Makiatos. Thats why I dont watch new tv. Its designed by wussies, for wussies. The older.shows werent afraid to show real people. Not hairless manikenns with zero body fat and capped teeth. This new stuff is pussy.

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